Niiskusmõõtja J-2000/Artec puuniiskus MC 6 - 40%

Niiskusmõõtja J-2000/Artec puuniiskus MC 6 - 40%

Puuniiskus ja temperatuur; palun küsi pakkumis
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Mõõtik J 2000 scan

Resistance technology recognized worldwide as the most accurate method for measuring moisture
6% - 40% moisture range
Digital readout Averages up to 100 accumulated readings
Built-in correction for 50 different species
Built-in temperature compensation both Fahrenheit and Celsius
Proven microcontroller circuit for increased reliability and accuracy
Easy one-hand operation Includes (1)
9-Volt Battery Includes a sturdy carrying case
One year warranty For 60 years of proven quality, accuracy and service